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Evaluation outcomes

Outcomes of external evaluation of all higher education institutions in Croatia are available in the Directory and can be searched by type of evaluation.

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Call for reviewers

Become a member of a panel of experts and take part in the assessment of higher education institutions. Join the Agency in the preparation and implementation of development and research projects.  

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Directory of Study Programmes

The Directory of Study Programmes lists all accredited study programmes in the Republic of Croatia...

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ASHE promotional videos

The Agency for Science and Higher Education has produced some promotional videos whose aim is to provide prospective students with useful information regarding the higher education system in Croatia, the types of higher education institutions and study programmes available, the importance of accreditation and of choosing a quality study programme, and Croatia as appealing destination for those interested in pursuing higher education. 

Have a look at the videos: Why Study in Croatia? (2019), The Choice is Yours (2019) and FAKSiranje (2018). The last two are only available in Croatian as they are primarily targeted at speakers of Croatian.



External committees, councils and commissions

The highest strategic, professional and advisory councils, committees and councils which are appointed by the Croatian Parliament and other authorities operate in the system of higher education and science:



statistikeAgency for science and higher education regularly publishes statistics regarding science and higher education...
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Cooperate with us

statistikeCooperation opportunities for students, researchers, institutions and citizens...
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pojmovnikThe Glossary of Basic Terms and Definitions in Higher Education Quality Assurance... 
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„Croatia is leading the pack of new countries in the EU, and an indispensable constructive partner in the EHEA!“

Karl Dittrich,
President of the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR)

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Agency for Science and Higher Education
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Croatian ENIC/NARIC Office – Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications
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Central Aplication Office
tel: 01/ 6274 - 844

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